We provide publishers with four services that together, enable a rapid and efficient transition and integration into the new market conditions:
  • iVENDI - management portal for members of the EULEIO network.
  • EULEIO - network of publishers and bookstores with support for the setting up of personalized online bookstore that may or may not include MARKA database books and ebooks.
  • POD - Management , production control and delivery of POD (Printing On Demand).
  • eBOOKS - Production of ebooks from PDF or ePUB (preferred) supplied by the publisher . In this service we also offer the platform for the secure sale of ebooks.
The publishing market faces two technological innovations, of some complexity, which influence both the performance in the current market condition and the type of business model the market will assume.

The two fronts are: (1) electronic book market (ebooks) and (2) POD (Print On Demand) technology.

The ebook market, although currently low, has advantages for the consumers that make it a real alternative to the printed book.

Aware of the technological and commercial difficulties that the electronic book represents for the Publishers we offer digital tools for the creation of the ebook (from PDFs or ePUBs (preferentially) sent by the publisher ) and platforms for the sale of ebooks.

POD technology has a direct impact on the financial health of companies since it positively influences the circuits of cash, storage and stock levels.

The POD service offered by MARKA adds to the aforementioned advantages the direct delivery to the end customer.
Those four services facilitate the publisher transition, without financial strangulation, to the new market conditions.

The EULEIO service ( offers an online bookstore where, in addition to the titles in the publisher's catalog, titles from other publishers and ebooks can also be added hence adding value and improving the visitors experience.
The creation and maintenance of bookstores on the EULEIO network does require the use of hardware or software services from the publishers.

Exclusively to affiliated publishers, the portal iVENDi is a complete backoffice management service that includes: sales reports, payments, tools to manage the site and tools to submitting information to MARKA.
The list of EULEIO members can be found at the following address:

POD (print on demand) printing exempts the publisher of the financial constraints of minimum print requirement and costs associated with storage.
Our POD service coordinates the entire chain from on-site ordering, printing and customer delivery.

For the traditional publishing, the digital world can be considered a threat or an opportunity but can not be ignored. Our service enables editors to seamlessly transition to the digital world regardless of the type of contents to be marketed (journals, books or scientific articles).
The safe use of digital contents is safeguarded by the housing of all contents in our personal digital library platform

The iLEIO platform allows the publisher to define rental periods, number of simultaneous accesses and printing allowances.