We provide management portals and services specially designed to assist librarians in the administration and transition to digital libraries.

Additionally the L-ON service streamlines and facilitates the service of acquiring monographs, ebooks, periodicals, databases and scientific articles.
Online access to digital goods, whether they are ebooks, databases or scientific articles, is changing the way, space and function of private, municipal, school and academic libraries need to be managed.

To assist and promote the transition to the digital library management , we have three services: A digital library management portal, implementation and maintenance of digital libraries and a dedicated site to help manage acquisitions.

Together , the three services , form a tool box that will help Librarians to have a smooth transition to the world of digital libraries.

We have established and made available two specialized services in the creation and management of digital libraries:

Creation, management and maintenance of digital libraries
The digital libraries created and managed by MARKA are completely autonomous and do not require the intervention of the computer departments or use the hardware or software resources of the member institutions.

We offer three basic digital library templates that are customizable with graphic elements of the institutions:

The portal ( is the back office for full management of digital libraries including:
Management of the loan periods; loan reservation management; usage statistics; export of metadata (including the ebook link) and the possibility of adding digital contents (both PDFs and ePUBs (preferred)) published by the institution or purchase (Subject to the permission of the publisher)

Search and acquisition site (
Website that allows Librarians of educational establishments to research, budget and acquire monographs, periodicals, ebooks, databases and scientific articles, with special terms and conditions.

In addition to the research services is also a back office management system that includes such services as: current account management, budgets creation , placement of orders and submission of complaints.