We offer an online bookstore (books and ebooks) with a vast number of titles (about 26 million) in several languages offering a simple, easy and comfortable way of research and purchase books and ebooks

Aware of the growing interest in ebooks we have developed a personal digital library management platform in which ebooks purchased from our online bookstore or ebooks purchased from other sites (subject to the publisher's authorization) can be stored , managed and accessed.
We offer two online bookstores and a personal digital library management portal: - one of the largest Portuguese online bookstores selling both books and ebooks.
It is part of the EULEIO network that aggregates in single site the titles existing in several physical bookstores. - site dedicated to sale and rental of university textbooks (textbooks are available only in English at the moment). - portal for the management of personal digital libraries.
In this portal, in addition to ebooks purchased in EULEIO, you can also add ebooks purchased from other sites (subject to authorization from publishers) and to place ebooks lent by libraries of iLEIO network.

Purchasing books and ebooks
The online bookstore currently has approximately twenty-six million titles (January 2017) in multiple languages, with weekly updates with an average of about 1,000 titles added.

Digital personal library
When an ebook is purchased at, a free account is created in personal digital library platform

Ebooks are accessible, online, via a web browser or offline through our free APPs.

Currently, only the APP for the Android system is available. The APP for IOS system will be available soon. The Android APP can be downloaded at:

Result of our partnership with VitalSource our site is dedicated to the sale and rental of university textbooks.
At the moment, only English manuals are available.