The services we provide to bookstores have 3 main objectives:
  • Cover both the printed and digital books (ebook).
  • Maintain the commercial independence of the bookseller.
  • In no way be a financial bottleneck for the bookseller.
Our bookseller support services offer solutions to the two challenges that will define the winners and survivors of the bookseller sector: a dignified and relevant online presence and use of new distribution channels. In a simple and fast way, we can created a website where you can include the books in your bookstore and, if you want, the titles of other members of the network, as well the ebooks from our database. In addition, the association of a physical bookstore, an online bookstore in iVENDi network considerably broadens the market channels for all members, exposing the products to a greater number of consumers.
The iVENDI service ( is a non-formal association of bookstores under which an online bookstore is made available to each member company.
It has the commercial advantage of making available the titles that each bookseller has in his establishment and can be sold both in the online bookshop of the member and, if the member so wishes, in all bookshops of the EULEIO network (

As livrarias online da rede EULEIO são personalizadas com a imagem gráfica da empresa aderente.
Aos títulos existentes na sua livraria poderá acrescentar livros e ebooks da base de dados da MARKA.

Each of the online bookstores of the EULEIO network are customized with the graphic image of the affiliated company and each member is given access credentials to the portal iVENDI (, the back office management platform.
The creation, installation and maintenance of the site does not require the use of software or hardware of the participating company.

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