Origins of Contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations

Origins of Contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations

Zhou Enlai and Japan

Itoh, Mayumi

Palgrave Macmillan






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This book presents a comprehensive and in-depth examination of Zhou Enlai's childhood in Japan, where he learned about Marxism. Itoh analyzes primary sources to demonstrate how Zhou's experiences in Japan gave him a profound understanding of Japanese people and society that would become the foundation for contemporary Sino-Japanese relations.
Contents Notes on the Text Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations Map Photographs 1. Introduction 2. Growing up during the Xinhai Revolution 3. Decision to Study in Japan 4. Arriving in Tokyo 5. Associating with Nankai Alumni 6. Entrance Exams of Tokyo Higher Normal School 7. Chinese Students Protest Movement 8. Entrance Exams of First Higher School 9. Homecoming Visit to Tianjin 10. Returning to Tokyo 11. Moving to Kyoto 12. Conclusion Appendix Notes Bibliography Index
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