ILO from Geneva to the Pacific Rim

ILO from Geneva to the Pacific Rim

West Meets East

Lichtenstein, Nelson; Jensen, Jill M.

Palgrave Macmillan






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This volume of original essays considers how the International Labour Organization has helped generate a set of ideas and practices, past and present, transnational and within a single nation, aimed at advancing social and economic reform in the Pacific Rim.
1. A Sea of Difference: The International Labor Organization and the Search for Common Standards, 1919-1950; Leon Fink2. The ILO, Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region: New Solidarities or Internationalism in the National Interest?; Marilyn Lake3. Japan and the 1919 ILO Debates: Over Rights, Representation, and Global Labor Standards; Dorothy Sue Cobble4. Negotiating a World Trade and Employment Charter: The US, the ILO, and the Collapse of the ITO Ideal; Jill Jensen5. The ILO, Asia and the Beginnings of Technical Assistance, 1945-1960; Daniel R. Maul6. Difference's Other: The ILO and 'Women in Developing Countries; Eileen Boris7. Homeworker's Organizing for Recognition and Rights: Can International Standards Assist Them?; Annie Delaney, Jane Tate and Rosaria Burchielli8. The Global Domestic: Mapping 'Decent Work' in International Dialogues; Jennifer N. Fish and Jennifer L. Turner9. The Limits of Human Rights for Labor Rights: A Retrospective Look at the Case of Chile; Cesar F. Rosado Marzan10. Legal Protection of the Right to Old-Age Insurance for Migrant Workers from Rural Areas in China; Changzheng Zhou 11. Freedom of Association: A Comparison of China and US Approaches to International Labour Organization Standards; Clifford B. Donn and Minghua Zhao12. The ILO and the Corporate Social Responsibility Regime in East and South Asia; Nelson Lichtenstein
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