Creative Economy and Culture

Creative Economy and Culture

Challenges, Changes and Futures for the Creative Industries

Siling Li, Henry; Hartley, John; Wen, Wen

SAGE Publications Ltd






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An authoritative exploration of the current state of the creative industries, showing how students, researchers, entrepreneurs, practitioners and policy makers can make use of recent advances in the systematic study of the creative process on a population-wide scale.
PART I: THE CHALLENGEEconomy + Culture + Technology = NewnessThe Big Picture - Spheres Enveloping SpheresThe Three Bigs - 'Everyone', 'Everything', 'Everywhere'The Creative Industries 'Moment'Back to First PrinciplesCreative Industries to Creative EconomyPART II: FORCES AND DYNAMICS OF CHANGE: THE THREE BIGS IN ACTIONTechnologyEconomy: MakersEconomy: ScenesGeography: BRICSGeography: MINT, etc.PART III: FUTURE-FORMING (WITH THREE BUTS)Ceci Tuera Cela'The Three ButsFuture-forming
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