Introduction to Systematic Reviews

Introduction to Systematic Reviews

Thomas, James; Oliver, Sandy; Gough, David

SAGE Publications Ltd






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Packed with examples from across the social sciences, this book helps students and researchers alike in turning systematic reviews into recommendations for policy and practice.
Introducing systematic reviews - David Gough, Sandy Oliver and James Thomas Stakeholder perspectives and participation in reviews - Rebecca Rees and Sandy Oliver Commonality and diversity in reviews - David Gough and James Thomas Getting started with a review - Sandy Oliver, Kelly Dickson, Mukdarut Bangpan, and Mark Newman Finding relevant studies - Ginny Brunton, Claire Stansfield, Jenny Caird, and James Thomas Describing and analysing studies - Katy Sutcliffe, Sandy Oliver and Michelle Richardson Tools and technologies for information management - Jeff Brunton, James Thomas, and Sergio Graziosi Synthesis methods for combining and configuring textual or mixed methods data - James Thomas, Alison O'Mara-Eves, Angela Harden, and Mark Newman Synthesis methods for combining and configuring quantitative data - James Thomas, Alison O'Mara-Eves, Dylan Kneale and Ian Shemilt Developing justifiable evidence claims - Kristin Liabo, David Gough and Angela Harden Using research findings - David Gough, Ruth Stewart and Janice Tripney
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